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Soul2Soul spiritual connections

Soul2Soul is a series of relationship support services providing divine guidance for individuals and couples - received  through intuitive practitioner, Mark Allen Goodman.

Mark consults extensively with his spiritual team on your behalf to discover if you are ready for a relationship,  or if you are compatible with your partner or potential partner.

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From just your full name,
Mark will determine your readiness, and compatibility.

"A divine gift has been given to me;
I'm sharing the power of that gift with you."

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Our services are aimed at two groups of people; singles who want to know if they are ready to begin a relationship, and people who want to know if they are compatible with a potential or actual partner.  


Readiness Characteristics (RC)
To be ready to begin a relationship, it is essential to have a detailed understanding of your own current levels, capacities, and strengths across 14 important relationship characteristics.


Compatibility Characteristics (CC)
For a relationship to be successful it's essential to understand how your own current levels, capacities, and strengths compare with those of your partner or potential partner.

Readiness Quotient (RQ)
A number (0-100) that represents your overall readiness to embark on a new relationship journey.

Compatibility Quotient (CQ)
A number (0-100) that represents your overall compatibility with your partner or potential partner.

Verax - The Veracity Index 
A number (0-100) that represents the truthfulness of your partner's communication with you.

Prior to personally experiencing astoundingly accurate insights from Mark Allen Goodman, I would have written him off as just another card-reading charlatan.  Upon listening to a session which so clearly demonstrated his gifts, I have no doubt that Mark's vision is a gift from God and his services an invaluable contribution to those seeking divine guidance.

Chris, Connecticut

In today's world, there are so many people posing as spiritual gurus, it's difficult to know who is real. I can tell you that Mark Allen Goodman is the real thing, and he's been the real thing for me, and for many people I know.

Evi, Connecticut

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What I mean when I speak of "God"

By Mark Allen Goodman 
January 15, 2020

I understand the challenge.  This word “God” is an age-old problem. In recent history, often for the sake of power and control, the name “God” has been misused, abused, and misunderstood; the understanding of the true nature of God has been corrupted. False teachings and rigid doctrines, lead to lingering beliefs that God is about fear, guilt, suffering, and punishment, to name a few.

I seek, now,  to set the record straight.

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Verax - The Veracity Index

In a relationship with your partner, trust is paramount. 
However, trusting your heart to another inherently comes with some risk.
How do you know that your partner is telling the truth about themselves?

Now you can!

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Are we soulmates?
Are we destined to be?
Are they your one?
Is this my person for life?

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