Readiness Characteristics (RC)

Readiness Characteristics (RC)

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About this service
As Mark worked with his clients to help them be ready to begin meaningful and enduring partnerships, he identified 14 relationship-centered personal characteristics that are important to the success of a relationship. Mark calls these Relationship Readiness Characteristics or RCs.

These 14 RCs are:
Integrity, Fidelity, Intuitive, ​Spiritual Level, Spiritual Growth Potential, Ideological Openness, Emotional Sensitivity, Physical Intimacy, Physical Health, Mind Health, Intellect, Artistic Appreciation, Interpersonal Relationship Skills, and Perseverance.
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Each RC is assigned a numerical value of 0-100. These numbers provide a significant understanding of your current levels, capacities and strengths for each characteristic.

These relationship-centered characteristics are deeply insightful and revealing. They are not​ meant to be judgmental. They are offered to help you to better know yourself. They are meant to provide significant understanding and support for your unique spiritual growth journey. It is our hope that RCs provide truly meaningful assistance and support in helping individuals prepare themselves for relationships filled with harmony, peace and love.

What you get

  • A graphical report that details your current levels, capacities and strengths across 14 critical categories of relationship -centered characteristics.
  • An Interpretation Guide to help frame and better understand your results. The guide also contains other resources that will help you chart a forward course towards relationship readiness, as well as invaluable information about your own spiritual journey.

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