To say I was astounded by Mark’s capacity to recount details of my personal journey is an understatement.  Beyond his guidance and vision, it's Mark’s empathetic and compassionate nature which make him far more than a conduit. Mark is a gentle sage whose insights have helped me make course corrections in my own life and whose reading of my relationship through Soul2Soul has helped my partner and I reflect, communicate, and grow in ways we never would have if not for having Mark consult with his Heaven team. 
Virginia, Tennessee

The guidance I received from Mark was very personal to me. Mark doesn't make assumptions based on his extensive prior experience; everything comes directly from his Heaven team. They really get me, seeing the true essence of who I am. He makes sure that I feel known, loved and appreciated. This is incredibly validating, and has helped me achieve the goals that I set for myself.
Caroline, Hawaii

Mark is a humble, kind and authentic person. He shows great empathy, makes me feel very safe and I trust him completely. He makes me feel so comfortable and so at ease that I can talk freely about deeply personal things.
Asami, Connecticut

Mark is an extremely gifted intuitive who is grounded in his awareness of God being at the center of the universe. I see Mark as my mentor, a Spiritual Ombudsman of sorts, guiding and advocating for the well being of everybody, directing us all to a place of our own best interests. Who Mark is, and what he offers, is profound. We have developed a deep bond, as close as blood-brothers.
Bob, Hawaii

I have a very good feeling about Mark. He is a man of worth, and I appreciate that, it's uncommon. I describe Mark as a good friend to me. He has incredible insight into who and what I am. His abilities have transformed me, enabling me to move beyond some of the patterns that I had become involved in during certain parts of my life. 
Gerard, New Mexico

The guidance I received through Mark has been very informative and helpful as I progress through my own spiritual journey.
Ian, Connecticut