Your Privacy is Assured
Soul2Soul is for you to understand yourself and your partner (or potential partner), not so others can find out how to better sell you things!

Our data values:

Your data won't go wandering about
We don't, and won't ever sell your data.

Your data is for you
Soul2Soul is a personal service. We didn’t create it to let your colleagues, partner or family see your data.

Permanent deletion
If you tell us to, we will delete all the details of your Soul2Soul reading and everything that we have in our database will be permanently wiped. There is one exception to this. For tax purposes we are required us to keep payment records, but everything else will be deleted.

No investors.
Founders only. We're a two-person company, so any time you need support you’ll be dealing with one of the founders of Soul2Soul.

Our work is motivated by service and love.
Mark is simply an instrument of Heaven and is not responsible or liable for how you use the information contained in your Soul2Soul reading. Our readings are not substitutes for the work of licensed health/mental health care professionals.