What I mean when I speak of “God”

By Mark Allen Goodman

I understand the challenge.  This word “God” is an age-old problem.

How to begin? 

In past times, this marvelous creative Source of All Life was innately understood and accepted. Most knew intuitively and were aware that there was something larger than themselves.

However, in recent history, often for the sake of power and control, the name “God” has been misused, abused, and misunderstood; the understanding of the true nature of God has been corrupted.  False teachings, rigid doctrines, and emotional lingering beliefs that God is about fear, guilt, suffering, shame, punishment, and judgement, just to name a few, are all so disempowering.  I seek, now,  to set the record straight. 

God is Universal Love.  God is the Source of All That Is. God is Peace. God is Beauty.  God is Goodness. God created, and is intimately involved with, and completely permeates everything visible and invisible throughout the Universe.  God is the Original Source of all masculinity and femininity.  God’s nature encapsulates the entirety of all masculinity and femininity - all combined together in oneness.  God is absolutely non-judgmental!  God does not  manipulate. God is not about control.  God's Love is unchanging.  God’s Love exists full-on for everyone -no matter what- without exception!

 Any attempt by man to control God, to demand anything from God, or to create God in man's image will only be met with failure and confusion. God is God.  We are all created beings. There's nothing a created being can do to change this reality.  Some are very aware of this. Some are hungry to understand more about this.  Some are asleep.  Some outright reject all this.  But none of that changes the reality of God's unconditional, non-judgemental love for everyone one bit.

God is a difficult topic to discuss. There are  many diverse concepts, belief systems, and thought patterns about this topic out there everywhere. On this website I seek to simplify things. The pronouns He, She, They, It, all apply when I refer to the Creator of All That Is.

If the word “God” is offensive to you, or causes you discomfort, then may I suggest you substitute different words in its place such as: 

  • Universal Force. 
  • Higher Power. 
  • The Divine. 
  • Prana. 
  • Ki. 
  • Chi. 
  • Universal Energy. 
  • Life Force Energy. 
  • Beloved. 
  • Infinite Goodness.  
  • Creative Principle.  
  • Infinite Invisible.  
  • The God of your understanding.
  • Spirit.
  • Love.

I believe God is: 

Universal, Infinite, Eternal Being of Unconditional Love. 

Original Creative Source.

Intimate Oneness with all that is.

Life Energy Force; actively guiding, supporting, sustaining all that is.

Beyond the limited viewpoint of human comprehension.

It's my intention to support loving relationships.  The guidance from the spirit world is a gift to us from the Divine to offer support for our Earth School spiritual growth journey.  This website is all about that.  

In the spirit of the universality that God is, and in the spirit of the absolute non-judgmental and unconditional Love that God is, I hope that these explanations can settle your heart when I use the word God.

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