Readiness Quotient (RQ)

Readiness Quotient (RQ)

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About this service
The RQ is a numerical calibration of an individual’s overall readiness for a meaningful and enduring relationship, at this moment in time, from the viewpoint of Spirit. It speaks to your current readiness of heart, mind, body, and spirit to create a relationship of harmony, peace, and love.

The RQ is a number from 0-100 which Mark receives on your behalf in consultation with his Heaven team. The greater the number given, the greater your readiness is to begin a meaningful relationship.

Unlike classic grading structures, the RQ is not a measure of success or failure. It is simply an indicator of your readiness for a relationship at this current time. RQs can and do change over time, reflecting subsequent individual spiritual growth work.

As an example, an RQ of 33 does not necessarily indicate that you will not ever be in a meaningful relationship, but it does suggest there is significant work to be done before you begin a relationship. Conversely, an RQ of 88 indicates that you are more ready to to begin a meaningful and enduring relationship.

What you get

  • A graphical report that details your RQ number.
  • An Interpretation Guide to you help frame and better understand your results. The guide also offers other resources that will help you chart a forward course towards relationship readiness, as well as invaluable information about your own spiritual growth journey.

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Why would I buy this Service?
Maybe because you don’t want to make the same relationship mistakes over and over again and want to find out if you are actually ready to begin a new relationship.
Or perhaps because you want to understand your own strengths and weaknesses as you work towards starting a new relationship.