Why our 14 relationship-centered characteristics are so important.

By Mark Allen Goodman

Our 14 relationship-centered characteristics are deeply insightful and revealing. Here we describe what each of them is and why they are so important.

Integrity: Integrity is an important quality of one's character. Integrity is about trust. It’s about honesty. This part of one’s character is significant to consider especially in matters of the Heart. Do you trust yourself to be in integrity in a relationship?

Fidelity: Fidelity speaks to the level of one’s character to remain committed. Can you trust your promise of commitment to a partner? How strong is that commitment through difficult times? Do you trust yourself to be faithful to a partner?

Intuitive: Intuition speaks to one’s ability to listen, hear and receive inner guidance. It is the so-called Sixth Sense. While it is possible for intuition to be developed and deepened over time, one’s current state of intuition is important to know. Intuition can be quite valuable to guide your way through a relationship with your partner. It is the ability to sense what is needed beyond intellect. To experience more deeply what another is feeling. If one partner’s intuitive level is higher than the other, then using that insight can help to create harmony and balance in a relationship.

Spiritual Level: Most of us are aware that we are on a spiritual growth journey. This indicates, at this point in time, where you are at on this journey. The number given is not in any way judgemental! Please use this as an informational tool to lead to a deeper understanding of yourself.

Spiritual Growth Potential: While it is absolutely possible to grow spiritually, it is a matter of a Free Will choice to do so. This indicates one’s desire, motivation, and determination to grow spiritually. It can also indicate a desire to keep growing spiritually throughout one’s life journey. Challenges to a relationship may occur when one partner wants to keep growing while the other has lost interest, or decides to move at a different pace, or stop pursuing spiritual growth altogether.

Ideological Openness: Ask yourself How open and receptive are you to other's beliefs? To other’s cultural or religious convictions? How flexible are you? How accepting are you of differing concepts and ideas?

Emotional Sensitivity: We all have emotions. Some of us are able to express them more freely than others. Some of us are more self-aware of our emotions than others. This is not a judgement! This is given to assist you to know your current level and ability of emotional expression within yourself, and towards others.

Physical Intimacy: Touch is one of many ways to express Love. It is very helpful to know how important this is to you.

Physical Health: Your body is the vehicle for self-expression. It is used for being of service to yourself, to others, and to the world. Your vehicle is used in a relationship with your partner. This is an indication, at this moment in time, of how much physical energy, strength, function, and ability one has.

Mind Health: This speaks to awareness of your thoughts. What kind of thoughts are you allowing into your mind? What thoughts are you holding onto? This is an indicator of the current state, and vibrational level of your thoughts. It also speaks to one's ability to let go of accumulated negative thinking.

Intellect: This is about mind power. It is simply about the ability to think and reason. In our current culture Intellect is sometimes over-emphasized. Mind power is not necessarily an essential quality needed to create a relationship of love, peace, and harmony. It is given to provide understanding to know thyself more thoroughly.

Artistic Appreciation: This is about your artistic abilities, interests, and passions. This varies widely among everyone. This is another area of awareness to expand your understanding of yourself.

Interpersonal Relationship Skills: The ability or skill to express oneself does not mean that there is not anything to express. These are qualities that can be learned and developed over time. Introvert or extrovert- it does not matter. Teaching yourself and helping another to express thoughts and emotions can only enhance and deepen a relationship.

Perseverance: This quality of character speaks to one's ability to not give up or quit. To keep going through difficulties, challenges and ups and downs in life. This has a direct bearing on the potential staying power and longevity in a relationship.

Take some time to reflect upon what these mean to you. Try to see beyond old concepts and belief systems. The viewpoint from Spirit is offered to provide a wider, higher, and more universal perspective. The evolved beings in the spiritual realm are very aware, and deeply interested in you finding joy, happiness, and true love.

If you are single, learn how these characteristics can help you prepare for a relationship.
If you are already in a relationship, learn how these characteristics can help you gain significant insight into your relationship. 

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