By Mark Allen Goodman
I'm excited to share with you today about the seventh relationship-centered characteristic: Emotional Sensitivity.

Emotion is a gift from God. God is the original source of all emotion.
Each one of us is unique.

As God is infinite, so is all Creation infinite. So therefore it follows that there are infinite combinations of human emotions. This is what creates the miraculous, majestic, magical, marvelous, and magnificent varieties of people, which adds to the adventure and spice of life here in the Earth School.

How wonderful it is to feel. How wonderful it is to express ourselves. How powerfully affected we all are by all the different mediums of human artistic expression. Art is an expression and reception of human emotions.

We can also observe God's original emotional expression in various aspects of nature. From the different behaviors and personalities of animals, aquatic life, and even in plant life. This is all an intended expression of Divine Love.

In human relations, just look at how many different forms of emotional expression exist. Powerful expressions abound through literary dramas, movies, music, etc. To feel is to be alive. This is how we were made to be!

Some of us don't know who we really are within; in fear and insecurity we criticize what we don't understand. Some of us have created painful, hurtful circumstances and situations that have shut down other people's expressions of their true emotions.

All of us have been on the receiving end of this kind of thing. This can cause us to be defensive and cautious; this limits our natural and normal flow to be open and free to express what we really feel and think, as we walk through our journey of life here in the Earth School.

However, be not dismayed! Please feel free to be who you really are. Please feel free to express your true self. Please do not allow yourself to be hurt or deterred by others’ lack of understanding or receptivity.
Please look deep inside yourself to find who the real you really is--not what you think people want to see. Not what the status quo believes is acceptable. But the real you. Let it flow forth. Feel the peace and liberation that comes from being who you really are.
Allow the unique, infinitely created, individual emotional expression that already exists within yourself to freely flow in its expression in your daily life.

Allow for others to do the same. Be not afraid of being true to yourself. Be not afraid to be fully alive!

On our website Soul2soulconnections.com Emotional Sensitivity is the calibration or measurement of one's current level and ability to express their true emotions. Please use our website Services as a tool to know yourself and or your partner more deeply in this respect.

What a wonderful way to further know, understand, and accept yourself- and others- with such a powerful tool given by Spirit.

The intention here is only to support deeper understanding, deeper love, and to foster continued joy, peace, Love, and Spiritual Growth.

Let us all endeavor to bring joy to ourselves and joy to others!

Thank you for letting me share with you about this today.

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