By Mark Allen Goodman

Let us continue with our deeper discussion of the meaning of each of our 14 relationship-centric categories. Today I would like to share some of my thoughts with you all about the category of Mind Health. 

One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Joel S Goldsmith, calls the mind an “avenue of awareness”. This is a fascinating way to look at things. Very different from the status quo concept of our mind being who we are. 

As we grow in our spiritual awareness and raise our consciousness, we come to see, feel and realize that actually we can be, and do become, conduits, or pipelines of Divine Love and Truth. As we more deeply connect to our Source we can feel and experience ourselves being used for the benefit of others, and for the benefit of all things in the Creation. 

Many of the great spiritual Masters of the past, who were from many different religious and cultural backgrounds, all exhibited amazing and consistent levels of balance and peace, regardless of the challenges or dramas that may have been happening around them. How could they do this? The secret is that they were all in touch or in tune, in connection or in alignment with their Source. 

It's my current understanding that we too can experience this same connection through our spirit self or soul. But it is our mind that comprehends, translates, understands processes and communicates what it is that we are receiving from Source

A paradigm shift in understanding is required to allow ourselves to become such instruments of the Divine. To begin, one must accept and know that the Source exists; to accept and know that we are indeed created as multidimensional beings capable of directly receiving Divine guidance. 

By becoming aware of the state and vibrational level of our thoughts, and by endeavouring to maintain and keep our mind free of negative thinking, it becomes easier to receive and make use of our innate Divine Guidance

This Divine guidance is available to anyone -and everyone- at any time. It can be used to make small, medium and large decisions about how to conduct our daily life. And of course it can be used to know how best to be of service to those around us. 

I think some of us have forgotten that we are in control of what we think; that we are in control of what we allow into our minds. We are also in control of what we allow to remain within our minds. I think this is a really important point. There are those who are unable at this time in their journey to have control over what thoughts enter their mind. For those people I would suggest to focus more on not allowing lower vibrational, or as we say negative thoughts, to linger or to

remain in their minds to entrench and grow. Don't hang on to or hold on to such thoughts and allow them to stagnate, where soon they decay and putrefy. 

Spiritually I see more and more people holding onto emotional and mental baggage from the challenges of past experiences. How liberated they would be if they understood how to fully let go and liberate themselves from this. How freeing it would be for everyone to know that we indeed are in control of our thoughts. 

I’m reminded of the concept of asking if we are in control of our bodies, or are our bodies in control of us? One’s answer has to do with their current level of spiritual maturity and spiritual consciousness. It's the same for our minds. Our spiritual self is truly in control of our mind; in control of our thoughts. That means we are also in control of how clean our mind is; how well we are able to maintain our mind’s cleanliness. Making this effort leads to the clearest place of receptivity to experience our intuitive Divine guidance. We were made- were designed- were created to be able to experience this Divine connection effortlessly and naturally. As easily as breathing. This is true for everyone without exception. 

Of the 14 categories, Mind Health speaks to the current state of someone's mind. It measures one’s ability to control what they think about, the kinds of thoughts that they have and hold on to, and what the state of their mind is in terms of its cleanliness; how much negative thinking is being held onto - festering or clogging up the ability of one's mind to be, as Goldsmith says, “An Avenue of Awareness”. 

This is in contrast to some of the thinking in the world of science, where some do not accept our multidimensional nature; those that believe everything is only in the realm of the physical, the seen, or purely material. I am reminded of the scientists that are carefully microscopically 

examining the preserved brain tissue from the body of Albert Einstein, hoping to find what made him so brilliant. Do we really think his extraordinary abilities came from the physical makeup of his brain cells? There are many that believe this is really the case. I want to clearly state that that is not the case. We multidimensional beings are so much more than that! 

In a future post I will discuss ways to clear, cleanse, and raise the vibrational level of your thoughts; to let go of negative thinking, and allow your mind to be an awesome Avenue of Awareness. 

Again this is just a deeper explanation of what the category Mind Health is about. It is not a judgment or critique. The number given may suggest a correct and proper way of thinking is being experienced,and therefore very little effort is needed to make things better or to improve upon. Either way, what a wonderful thing to discover about oneself, or your partner or potential partner. 

Truly knowing yourself is the right place to start to be able to connect to another more deeply.

There is much insight available from Soul2soulconnections.com. Not from me personally of course, but from the extraordinary insightful, cosmic viewpoint available from the spiritual realm. I am simply the instrument. 

Thank you for letting me share with you today.

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