By Mark Allen Goodman

Welcome to our ongoing discussion of the 14 Core Characteristics. Today I want to share some thoughts about Physical Health.

Our physical body--what a wondrous, glorious Creation it is!  The world of science generally teaches that our physicality is all we are.   But we are so much more than just our body! Some spiritual teachings say our body is to be denied or punished. However, I believe that our body should be revered for the Divine Creation that it indeed is. 

Think about it:  so much of what happens within the inner workings of our body is not consciously dictated or directed by us. Most of our extraordinary internal physical functions happen automatically.  What is the design, direction, and energy behind these incredible processes?  Of course it is the Source of All That Is; our Divine Father Mother Creator; the Universal Intelligence; Life Force.

There are many students and teachers of metaphysical concepts and ideas that have come to the realization that everything in existence is vibrational.  Our five physical senses perceive things around us as being solid--having form.  However, indeed, everything is vibrational, and is made up of particles vibrating in relationship to each in ways that create the amazing and vast variety of our physical reality.  However, other realities, such as the Spiritual Realm, exist as well. Just because  they're not so readily visible to our 5 physical senses does not mean they don't exist.  But that's for discussion at another time.

What we are focused on today is our amazing physical body. It is a vehicle for self-expression. It is a vehicle to grow our soul.  It is a vehicle of service to ourselves and to others. 

Some people focus too much solely on their body.  Our Western culture tends to over- emphasize our physicality.  I think a great example is the red carpet prelude to the annual Academy Awards.  It is an extreme expression of only the external/ physical.  Billions of dollars are spent every year on cosmetics and cosmetic surgery to make our bodies look more beautiful.  Of course we are so much more than just our external appearance.  I think any introspective, searching, person is aware of the realization that our true beauty is not just external.  Look at the extraordinary accomplishments in the world of art, literature, and science from people that physically may not have been very attractive or were even severely disabled.  A great example that comes to my mind is Professor Stephen Hawking.

I remember seeing a very elderly couple walking in the park together holding hands.  They were both wrinkled and barely able to walk. They just shuffled along together beaming with love for each other.  Was their  love based on how physically attractive each of them was to each other?  Of course not. 

Within our website, one of the 14 Core Relationship Characteristics- Physical Health is an important category to understand. Our physicality is not to be overemphasized.  Your Physical Health reading result is simply an indicator to understand yourself, or to understand your partner/potential partner more clearly.

In a relationship it becomes important to understand how much energy, ability, and function your partner has.  Or it may be useful to understand your own personal physical limitations and how that may impact your relationship journey together.  Use this understanding from Spirit as a tool for your ongoing balance and harmony together; to achieve a greater level of acceptance of each other’s physical realities.

Is it possible for someone confined to a wheelchair to have a meaningful love relationship with someone that's a world-class athlete? Of course!  So if you find that there are differing levels in your Soul2soul reading,   do not be concerned.  See it for what it is.  Let us honor each other's physical bodies. Let us understand that they are indeed Divine Creations.  Let us be more in balance with what the real purpose of our physicality is.  Let us reach into our hearts to become more compassionate for people that have less energy, function, or ability than we do.

Let us also realize that the level of our Consciousness--of our Spiritual Self--has a deeply integrated impact and effect on our physical bodies. This topic is a discussion for another post, and I just want to put it out there; to remind us how much our state of mind and spirit has a direct effect on our physical health and well-being.

So feel free to use your Soul2soul reading to provide another piece of the puzzle of understanding that will lead you (with your free will efforts) in creating a relationship of true love. 

Thank you.

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