By Mark Allen Goodman
Welcome to our ongoing discussion on another one of the 14 core characteristics: Physical Intimacy.

This is a touchy subject. No pun intended.

Within all the Creation there is a strong biological imperative that has been implanted that causes procreation and reproduction. As Created Beings, we as human beings were designed and created as well with that same imperative.

However, as we deepen and grow our internal character and become more evolved in our Consciousness, we move beyond solely biological influences and seek for deeper meaning and fulfillment in our intimate relationships.

With the correct Consciousness, deep fulfillment is indeed possible through intimacy with our partner. This is the heartfelt hope and dream that people throughout the world- beyond race, religion, nationality, and culture- wish to experience in their lives.

Our current culture is confused about Physical Intimacy. It seems that for a great number of people, their intimate relationships are not as successful, meaningful, or fulfilling as they would want.

As we continue to grow spiritually, we more clearly come to understand some important concepts: that we are Created Beings; that we are beings guided with a Cosmic plan and Cosmic blueprint for our spiritual growth journey here in the Earth School. This contributes to us being able to see ourselves and others more clearly. I call this knowing our True Identity.
On the foundation of this understanding, we begin to love, respect, and honor ourselves and others as actual Beings of Divinity.

To truly see yourself, and your significant other as a Divine Being is essential for deep fulfillment in the realm of intimacy.

Current concepts, belief systems, and cultural influences that demean or diminish the value of people, and the sacredness of intimacy itself, often prevent intimacy from being truly fulfilling.

The purpose of intimacy--sex-- is to connect and bond. The bonding of bodies through intimacy is not necessarily also a soul-to-soul bonding. When we have sex on a purely physical level, we can feel unfulfilled, left wishing for a deeper, more meaningful bonding. Some use external stimulants (fantasies, dress, toys, drugs) to enhance the sexual experience- striving for something more powerful. Undoubtedly, physical intimacy has been used selfishly, and this often results in emotional emptiness.

As Divine Beings, we use our bodies as a way to express ourselves; to learn and grow. We have been purposefully designed and created to experience Divinity through sexual intimacy!

A soul-to-soul connection, together with a body-to-body connection, is a multi-dimensional experience, which I believe, is what creates fulfillment in intimacy we all long for.

But how?

The key that opens this door to our soul is Commitment.

I call this the ”C” word. Our current culture considers Commitment to be quite scary and frightening. Everyone wants to keep their options open.

However, let me ask: Without Commitment, how is it possible for you to give your entire self - your heart and soul - to your significant other? And without doing that, how is it possible to have an experience of intimacy that is truly fulfilling?

Commitment is an essential component in an intimate relationship. In a relationship built on a foundation of Commitment and trust, the sexual experience becomes deeper and deeper, more meaningful, and more fulfilling with each intimate encounter.

Some of us have been hurt by infidelity; a lack of faithfulness on the part of our significant other. With a connection to the Divine, this no longer has to be a challenge or a struggle. Let us see each other as the Divine Beings that we are. With a conscious union and a realized oneness connection to the Source of All that Is- we experience the clarity and strength of character to rise above issues of infidelity.

I believe that of our own power alone it can be a challenge for some to remain faithful to their partner. But connected to the Divine, we find the freedom, peace, courage, and character to remain faithful; to create, grow, maintain, and sustain an intimate relationship of True Fulfillment with our partner.

Using the information provided by the 14 relationship-centered readiness and compatibility characteristics, my website offers insight into yourself, and your partner or potential partner. It allows for the Spiritual World to offer their viewpoint to you on each of the 14 categories, including the one discussed here on Physical Intimacy. It is a tool of support. It is never judgmental; it is not a comparison, but given for confirmation, support, awareness, and deeper understanding to be of service to you and your significant other to create and build a relationship of True Love.

Thank you for letting me share so sincerely my thoughts on this matter.

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