What we are not!

By Mark Allen Goodman

Hopefully, the content on our site will inform you about all the things that Soul2Soul Spiritual Matchmaking is. We think it will be also be helpful to outline some of the things that we are not.

Unlike other matchmaking sites and services, we don't need to know anything about your:

  • Financial status: Income, net worth, or the material possessions that you have accumulated.
  • Title: job, community position or whatever social status you have.
  • Race and Ethnicity: physical or biological characteristics, cultural expression or identification.
  • Religion: Church or "cherished beliefs".
  • Looks: size, shape, weight, height or the clothes you wear.
  • Age: Gen Z, Millenial or the Greatest Generation. - Location: nationality, country of residence, state, or zip code.
  • Politics: Left, right or center, it doesn't mater.
  • Physical ability or disability: it's not important.
  • Intellectual ability and level of education: Phd or high-school dropout.
  • Sexual identity: only you know who you are romantically attracted to.

It's often been said that "love is blind", "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and "love is universal".

We don't care WHAT YOU ARE, or WHERE YOU ARE, Mark's Heaven team knows WHO YOU ARE and that's all that counts.

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