What do I mean when I speak of the "spirit world"?

By Mark Allen Goodman

The spirit world is a special place made by the Creator. It is an invisible, unseen world that is no less real than our perception of the physical world. We were created with our five senses to perceive things with our physicality. However, we were also created as multi-dimensional beings that own a spirit being or spirit body. It is with our spirit body and its corresponding spiritual senses that we are able to perceive other peoples’ spirit bodies as well as perceive the spiritual realm.

There are many functions in the spiritual realm, just as there are in the physical realm. It is important to keep in mind as I speak about this to remember that God created all of this. Everything is flowing and functioning just as it should. All is being guided, supported, sustained, and maintained by the Creator.

If we reflect for a moment on how deep our understanding is of the physical world, if we are being honest, we will come to know that we have very little understanding of the true fundamentals of how the physical world actually functions. Do not be so mystified by the existence of the spiritual world just because we don't have a so-called scientific, logical, step-by-step understanding of how the spirit world functions. This should not detract us from knowing the existence of this world.

Man seeks to control what he doesn't understand. Man makes up stories, creates falsehoods, and is fearful of the things that he does not understand.  Please don't give the spiritual realm a bad rap or a bad name because of historical misunderstandings, ignorances, and fears. The spiritual realm is a perfectly normal, natural, and beautiful place. Just like the physical world.

There are so many realms that have been created by God. Our spiritual realm is deeply integrated with the physical world or “Earth School” as I like to call it, and is what is most relevant to us in this time and space. There are other realms in the universe that have their own particular spiritual dimensions attached to them. In some other places there is more of a blending of the two realms together. Many of these other realms are incomprehensible to our current physical and spiritual senses. But not to worry! The Creator has made things such that we are all participating in the Earth School realm experience, which means that we are all integrated with the Earth's School’s physical and spiritual realm. 

The spirit world is a place of great learning; it is a place of great order and hierarchy. It is filled with great teachers and Masters. It is filled with all kinds of people, of all different  levels of understanding, of all different cultures, races, religions, and understandings. It is filled with all kinds of people that have had vastly different Earth School life experiences. It is a place where everyone joins with groups of their own associations and levels in order to learn, to grow, to study, and prepare for the extraordinary journey into the Earth School experience of owning a physical body; one that is integrated together with an eternal spiritual body, with both functioning together in unity, harmony, and in oneness. This is the Earth School experience!

How extraordinary it is to have an eternal spiritual body dwell within a physical body in the Earth School! This is all by God's design. This isn't weird, strange, wrong, creepy, magical, or mystical. It is simply the reality. 

As created beings, we have no control over what our reality really is. This is the biggest misconception: that man thinks he is the creator. He is not! He is a created being. The design, dimensions, boundaries, foundations, physical and spiritual laws, and all the different realms in the universe have all been made by the Creator. Not by man! 

It is up to us, as created beings, to come to an understanding of what it is that God has created. It is up to us to understand how to flow--how to flow with owning a physical body; how to flow owning a spiritual body, how to find the balance, the flow of ownership in both a physical body and a spiritual body, while here on the Earth School.

Our physical body experience was not designed to last more than the typical, usual lifespan in the Earth School. This is all part of God's brilliant, glorious, and glamorous design. However, our spiritual body--our soul--was created by God to be an eternal entity. That is how we were created. That's how we were made.  This is normal, typical, and usual for every single soul on Earth! There is no exception to this. 

The following  is a difficult topic to discuss. There are  many diverse concepts, belief systems, and thought patterns about this topic out there everywhere.  I seek to simplify things. 

Here goes: We have multiple lifetimes. The Creator has given us the opportunity to come to the Earth School numerous times. It is in this way that we can grow, expand, and become larger and deeper as a way that we can learn more deeply about love! How precious it is to have a physical body to grow our soul with!  That is the process that God has designed--that our physical body is a tool to assist and help our spiritual bodies; to ultimately create an eternal manifestation of Oneness and Love with All that is. That is why we are called the “Children of God”.  This is how we can become more and more like God. The spirit world is a preparation place for our Earth School Journey experience! How precious it is to be alive with a physical body in the Earth School! This is our precious precious gift, as given to us by the Creator. 

When our physical bodies’ lifetime has come to a conclusion, our spiritual self--our spiritual body--returns to the spiritual realm for rest, recuperation, healing, reflection, study, learning, and preparation for the next lifetime. Much thought, consideration, and consultation is given in the spirit world in preparation for each and every person's Earth School Journey!

Let us take a moment to endeavor to have a vision that is larger than what we now have and to have a vision that is more in alignment with the vision of the Creator. This is a vision that is much larger, more cosmic, and much more from an “eternal” standpoint. From that vantage point we can begin to see life as it was meant to be here in the Earth School; one that comes from a deeper, much larger, more cosmic, and more meaningful perspective. We all have our own  idea of how things are supposed to look and how we think they are supposed to be; what the status quo of the Earth School says our life is supposed to look like.  But the Creator has a very different viewpoint on things. Let us move into more of an alignment with what the Creator has actually made us to be; to see ourselves as the Creator has meant for us to be and to understand the beauty, the peace, and the function of the spiritual realm as it was created to be. 

Again, the Spirit World is simply a wondrous, glorious, learning and growing place, used for preparing ourselves for another, extraordinary journey in the Earth School. This is all orchestrated by the Creator from a multiple lifetime viewpoint; it is all seen purely from a place of unconditional love; from an eternal standpoint for what is best for our eternal spiritual growth journey.  How extraordinary that this is all designed, created, instituted, supported, guided, directed, and implemented by the Creator! 

How small the thinking is by so many in the Earth School--thinking they are only physical beings alone!  This is simply not true. We are all multi-dimensional beings. Acceptance and  knowing of this is the beginning of our growing into a deeper understanding of life's meaning and purpose. It is the beginning of answering all of life's deeper questions; across all the multiple disciplines that are studied in the Earth School. There are fundamental gaps in most of  the intellectual pursuits in the Earth School by not accepting that we are multi-dimensional beings; that we own an eternal soul. Consider how different science and medicine would be with this understanding, just to name a few. 

There are many books out there about people that have had near-death experiences. These are people that have gone into the spiritual realm, and yet while still in this life, returned back to the Earth School to tell the tale. Their tales- their stories- are all the same. Extraordinary! These people are not making these things up. 

To deny the existence of the spirit world is to deny yourself.  It is to deny the truth of your own being. It is to deny the truth of what you have been created to be.

Don't worry or be concerned about the other realms out there in the universe. At this time your focus is meant to be on your current Earth School journey. And when it is time, at the end of your physical life, as orchestrated by the Source of All that Is, your eternal essence, your spirit body, your soul, will return to the spiritual realm, where all is beautiful, pure, proper, correct, organized, and filled with Divine Light and Love -as created by God. It is not a place to be fearful of or afraid of!  

I recommend you go within - with an attitude of  prayer and meditation to ascertain the veracity and truthfulness of what is being shared here.  Make it  your own journey of discovery; your own discovery of knowing. May I suggest that you do not just  accept these words and explanations, but go within, and come to your own personal, direct experience of the existence of the Spiritual World, while you are still alive here on the Earth School. 

Thank you for letting me share my heart, mind, and soul with you on this day.

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Gabriella Kirkley

In this tumultuous world, I find deep solace in understanding that there is a design to our lives, a Creator who is personally interested in our development, and then a team that is specifically rooting for us. All my favorite gurus, including you, suggest that I go within to realize the veracity of all written here. I can say that after listening to hundreds and hundreds of near death experiences over the course of the last 6 years, there is no doubt in my mind that most of what you wrote here is true. The rest I haven’t verified one way or the other, but hope to eventually find out for myself! For example, I am not clear on the parent-child relationship between Creator and myself. I haven’t been able to personally understand that relationship, although I’ve heard countless testimonies of souls meeting Creator (through a NDE for example) and at that time experiencing total love- the kind that fills every hole or gaping wound from life on earth. I don’t hope for an early traumatic experience to meet my Creator, but I do hope to somehow reach this understanding in my heart rather than my usual bread and butter NDE stories. And so… the journey “within” continues. I am so grateful to people like you who have reached new levels of consciousness through deliberate practice, and can now help others along their journey.

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