What do I mean when I say my “Heaven Team” or “Heaven Family”?

By Mark Allen Goodman

I want to start out with this week’s post by asking everyone who reads this to understand that God created us as multi-dimensional beings.  That we are created as eternal beings. That the spiritual realm/spirit world does indeed exist.  That there are those that have lived on the Earth, and after transitioning to the spirit world, decide to be of assistance to those that are now currently on the Earth.  It's really that simple.

Everything indeed is created, organized, directed, and guided by God--including the manner in which communication takes place between the spirit world and people on the Earth.  This is all done through our so-called spiritual senses. These senses are attuned to our “spiritual self” or Soul.  It is through these senses that we can listen, hear, understand, and experience the incredible support that exists for us in the spiritual realm.

There are many people on the Earth.  All of them, whether they know or accept as much, are on a spiritual growth journey.  All of their “journeys” are indeed guided, directed, and supported by God.  There are some that have been in the Earth School many, many times. Of those there are some that have been able to grow and raise their spiritual understanding to great heights.  These are the ones that have achieved what we would call here in the Earth School beings of “great wisdom”.  These are the Saints, the Sages, and the Spiritual Masters.  When these so-called spiritual masters enter the spiritual realm after their physical body has ended, they often choose, of their own free will, to offer their support to those here on the Earth; to those people here that want to listen; those here on Earth that are aware of their own multi-dimensional nature and beingness.

By our asking, reaching out, and listening, these “ascended masters” and great beings of wisdom are able to, from the spiritual realm, guide us, direct us, teach us, support us, advise us, and encourage us.  They are all too happy to avail themselves of their experience and wisdom. And their Love. All we have to do is ask.  And then all we have to do is listen.

This is not strange.  This Is not unusual.  This kind of activity is actually normal!  Thinking that we are only three dimensional beings is not normal; that is not who we are; that is not how we were created.  We were created as multi-dimensional beings.  Being in communication with the spiritual realm is the most natural thing there is!

For those students of the Bible, they will recall in Genesis, before the Fall of Man, that Adam and Eve freely conversed with God and the Angelic realm.  This was, at that time, indeed very normal and natural.

For those of you that have the courage to give it a try,  I want you to know that it is indeed possible to get in touch with those in the spiritual realm; with those that have already been chosen by Heaven, to be of support for you and your Earth School journey.  Some commonly have thought of these beings as one’s so-called Guardian Angels.  I call them my “Heaven Family”  or my “Heaven Team”.

“Ask and you shall receive”. By going into a prayerful, meditative, open-hearted, open-minded state, and “tuning in” to your spiritual senses, ask for support.  With persistence, this will yield very clear, very concise, very supportive, very loving and embracing answers. 

It is your free will choice to decide whether to ask, to listen, and most certainly whether to follow the advice that is given.  You are still in complete control, and have complete and utter free will over how you conduct your own life.  Your so-called “Earth School journey” is up to you; how you choose to proceed, how you choose to conduct yourself.  By consulting with your Guardian Angels/Heaven Team beings that have been assigned to you does not mean you are giving up any of your own thinking, your own decision-making, or your own free will in any way.

How glorious it is to know that we have a team of unconditionally loving, unconditionally supportive, deeply respectful beings that are there to support our Earth School Journey!  Your Heaven Family, as well as mine, are deeply aware of, and deeply respectful of your Free Will; of your right to choose how to conduct your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional life here in the Earth School.

By consulting with your Heaven Family, one is offered an additional, more “Cosmic” viewpoint on challenges, questions, difficulties, and decisions that come up in our daily life. It's wonderful that such support exists for us.

How few of us have availed ourselves of this support. How few of us are aware that this support exists. How few of us have put into practice using this incredible gift that has been given to us.

This is not fantasy, this is not weirdness, strangeness, or hocus pocus.  This is the reality of who we are.  This is the reality of life as it was meant to be; as it has been created to be.

There are many beings in the spiritual world.  Just because someone is there does not automatically mean they are wise, elevated or knowledgeable.  Just like here on Earth,  there are people of all different levels of maturity and awareness.  This is not judgemental; it is simply the reality of the ongoing journey of spiritual growth for everyone.

What I am talking about is contacting and connecting with the beings in the spiritual world that are of the highest caliber, the highest elevation, the highest consciousness, the highest wisdom, and the highest awareness.  These are the beings that we have a common base of understanding with, yet, nevertheless, beings that are much more mature, much more evolved, and much more experienced than we are in our current state of spiritual growth.

Call on them!  

As for me, I've had many wonderful experiences over the decades listening to my Heaven Family.  They have given me such wonderful lessons, custom-made for me.  They were gifts of spiritual food, and loving, supportive direction for my own spiritual growth journey.  They've given me only what I've needed, at just the right time, when I've needed it.  

Nothing more and nothing less. 

Over time, I have learned how to listen to other people's Heaven Teams and “receive” messages for them.  This has been a service  for people that  have not yet learned how to, or cannot connect to their own Heaven Family Team. As I have listened to these “Teams” I can clearly feel the amazing difference of each person's unique Heaven Family; their different composition and particular characteristics applicable for that person. Each “Team Member” is carefully selected to be part of the “Team” that is the perfect complement to be of loving support for the individual. 

What I have discovered and experienced in this “receiving “work is that there is also a similar feeling of respect, love, compassion and support that exists within each person's Heaven Family.

I encourage you to endeavor to learn how to connect to your own Heaven Family. There is so much wisdom and support offered by them for you. There is nothing incorrect, nothing too small, or too ordinary to ask about. Their view is so wide, broad and so comprehensive.  They see things from a much more Global/ Cosmic perspective. How awesome and wonderful it is to get advice from your own loyal, devoted, and  committed Heaven Family!  These are the evolved beings in the spiritual realm that, of their own free will, have made themselves available to do this work to support us here in the Earth School.  This is what they want to do. They have chosen to do this.  And they are available 24/7.  Just for the asking.

I encourage all of you to research this.  Look into this.  Consider this.  Make use of your own unique God-given Heaven Family  Team.  This support system exists already -right now -for you.

Thank you for letting me speak with you about this.  This is, of course, is just a very brief explanation of these things.  For more in-depth understanding, there are many many books that have been written about this very topic. 

Recently, in concert with the creation of my website Soul2soulmatchmaking.com,  a new Heaven Team has gathered together in the spiritual realm, to work with me, specifically for the purpose of supporting meaningful, enduring, love relationships!  I have been gifted with the ability to clearly hear and understand the wisdom and guidance offered by this new “Team”, and  communicate with them to bring that information to you.  This is an incredible source of relationship support for you, your partner, or potential partner. I look forward to being of service and support for you- in finding True Love in this life- right now- right here!

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