By Mark Allen Goodman

Greetings brothers and sisters, friends and family!  This post continues my desire to provide a deeper explanation and clarification of 2 more of the 14 Readiness and Compatibility Characteristics. Today I will cover two categories together, as they are so closely related:  Spiritual Level and Spiritual Growth Potential.

Spiritual Level speaks to something timeless. If you would consider that we are Eternal beings, and that we have multiple opportunities to Incarnate here in the Earth School, then each lifetime or incarnation allows for many different, wondrous, and glorious opportunities to grow:  to grow our Eternal Soul/Spiritual Body; to learn and understand more deeply the nature of the Cosmos; to understand more clearly the answer to: Why were we created?  What are we doing here?  What is the purpose of life?  What is true fulfillment? 

These are age-old philosophical questions. But the real answers cannot be found through our intellect or other kinds of mental exercises. These kinds of questions really have to do with multi-dimensional understanding and realization.  Universal Cosmic realities can only be understood through our spiritual awareness and our spiritual consciousness.  It is beyond the scope of simply a mental understanding.

I believe some of the core questions to understand are:  What is the true nature of the Creator- the source of all that is? What is our intrinsic relationship with the Creator?

It has come to me, during a time of deep contemplation, that  God is running the show.  Also, that everything is happening in Divine order, timing and orchestration. Therefore, if this realization is correct, then the responsibility ultimately for our spiritual growth journey is on God's shoulders. Not ours.

If you look deeply within at your own current life journey of spiritual growth, you will see all the motivations, all the experiences, all the opportunities, all the successes and failures in your life were presented and gifted to you by the benevolence of the universe. Of course it is always your free will choice to decide how to conduct yourself at each juncture along the way; at each moment of opportunity, to grow -or not. To grow or not to grow:  that is the question!

So when I speak of the Soul2Soul characteristic of Spiritual Level, it cannot possibly be a personal judgement. It is simply a measurement or an indicator of where you are at currently in your eternal, ongoing spiritual growth journey; where you are at- at this moment- on your Cosmic Earth School journey. 


So, as you realize that you actually are on an eternal spiritual growth journey, and accept that there are Infinite possibilities for your spiritual growth, you will come to understand that there is no way that the Spiritual  Level indicated by your Soul2Soul reading is in any way judgemental. It is simply a tool to be used to evaluate yourself; to understand yourself, and your journey more deeply. And of course, in the case of a couple oriented compatibility reading, it is additionally a way to understand your partner, or potential partner more deeply. It is simply illustrative, illuminating, and revealing. What is given has nothing to do with your ego; nothing to do with your own concepts of how evolved you are. It is simply an indicator of where you are at currently along the way on your eternal spiritual growth journey.

There are  some religious teachings that are uncomfortable with the idea of multiple lifetimes. It has been shown to me personally, through prayer and meditation, that each of us has the opportunity to experience many Earth School incarnations. This is a concept that, over time, I have come to accept as true.  As eternal beings, we are given multiple opportunities for spiritual growth in the Earth School. But just don’t take my word for  it.  Should you wish to do so, come to your own personal knowingness of this matter for yourself. 

I think it's important to understand fundamentally the unconditional, non-judgmental love of the Creator. I also think it's important to understand the amazing benevolence of the universe. Our life journey is not a test. It is not a trial. It  is an extraordinary opportunity to find and discover the true meaning of life. And of course, to find and experience true love.

And so that brings me to the purpose of Soul2Soul. It was created to be used as a tool to assist you to find deeper and deeper fulfillment in your life journey here in the Earth School.

The second characteristic, Spiritual Growth Potentialspecifically relates to this current lifetime or incarnation. It is about your current, personal, free will desire, and determination to pursue growing spiritually. The number received from your Soul2Soul reading regarding this characteristic is not meant to be judgemental! It is certainly not a judgment of any kind from the Creator of All That Is. You were created with the Divine gift to be able to use your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life force energy any way you see fit. This is the very definition of free will. It truly is your choice how to conduct your life.

The Spiritual Growth Potential characteristic really represents a measurement, at this point in time, of one's personal free will desire and decision to grow spiritually.  It's as simple as that.

Should you wish to do so, I encourage you to look within; to do some internal, personal, soul searching, self-reflection on these matters. This is deep stuff. Not for the faint of heart. It really goes to the depth of the meaning of life. Which of course, is an age-old question. I wonder how many books have been written on this very topic. I seek not to add more to the volumes of all that, but to simplify and clarify these issues.

Your Soul2Soul reading contains very precious, very valuable, and deeply insightful understandings of yourself and your partner or potential partner. Some of the deepest of all of the 14 characteristics are these two: Spiritual Level and Spiritual Growth Potential. They refer to, what may be called, your current  level of spiritual maturity, and your current level of desire to grow spiritually, respectively. 

To my way of thinking, this is exceedingly important to know about when considering a meaningful and enduring relationship with another; to understand these aspects of yourself, and of course, of your partner or potential partner.  As in everything contained in your Soul2Soul reading, all is given by Spirit;  it is not my opinion, or some sort of algorithmic computer generated data, or intellectually machinated opinion, or psychologically created profile evaluation, or anything of the sort. It is truly from the Cosmic viewpoint of  the Spiritual Realm, given by highly evolved, deeply compassionate, benevolent beings, that have only your highest and best interests at heart. So please receive and consider your Soul2Soul reading results with this understanding in mind. It is truly meant as a tool of Love and support for your extraordinary, great-grand Earth School Spiritual Growth Adventure!

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