Intuition, the third relationship-centered characteristic

By Mark Allen Goodman

Let us continue, and speak about what is meant by Intuition, number 3 of the 14 relationship-centered characteristics on our website.

Intuition is a quality of character that has been created by God.  It is a window into our Soul.  It is a window into the world of Spirit.  It is a window of communication that allows us to be able to speak to, and to listen to, the guidance of our Heaven Family, our Heaven Team.  These are the beings that have been assigned to us by God, from the time of our birth, to guide, raise, protect, and support our Earth School Journey. 

Our Intuition is part of our spiritual body.  Our Intuition has been created as a kind of pathway, conduit, or pipeline for information, understanding, truth, beauty, goodness, and love to flow inter-dimensionally between our Heaven Support Team and our Soul/spiritual body.  From there it gets translated through the use of our mental faculties to then become cognizant to our awareness.

Many people are already using their intuition without understanding the process of what is taking place.  Some of these people do not even believe in God, have a spiritual practice, or have any religious beliefs.   Regardless, they are indeed using their Intuitive faculties.  Everyone has Intuition.  Without exception.  Whether people choose to use their Intuition or not is a personal free will decision.  

Regardless of one's spiritual beliefs, concepts, or practices, actively using one's Intuition will cause it to develop, grow, and increase in capacity and function. It is believed by some that those who have shown some success from using their Intuition are not smart, intelligent, or have significant mental or mind capacity.  This is far from the truth.  Mind or Intuition?   It is really about a personal choice regarding which faculty to use.

I believe that the mind/mental faculties are misunderstood; that the mind is overused and misused.  I believe that the mind is an avenue of awareness; that the mind is not the source of creative thoughts; not the source of inspiration; not the source of understanding.  This is far from what is being commonly taught or explained by almost all intellectual disciplines and studies. 

The truth is that all inspiration comes from the Divine. 

All inventions come from the Divine. All the greatest intellectual, spiritual, scientific, philosophical, and religious understandings have all come from the Divine!  They were received by  Intuition, and then transferred through and into the mental faculties, to be discerned, understood, and comprehended.

Our culture and society has been so heavily weighted toward mental power, intellectual prowess, analytical expertise, and “mind muscle” that we have overlooked, neglected, and misunderstood the power of Intuition.

How extraordinary it is to have a channel to the Divine!  

How extraordinary it is to use this precious innate gift, that all were created with, called Intuition!

I believe that to choose to use your intuition is the pathway to Divine inspiration in all things- in all endeavors- large and small. This all  begins with an awareness that our Intuition exists.  It begins with the awareness of how powerful our Intuition is;. how accurate and supportive to our daily life experience our Intuition can be.  It begins with listening -”going within”  to hear,  feel and experience our Divine guidance as it is received into our mind through the channel of our Intuition.   As we gain confidence and trust in what we're being guided and supported to think, say and do, our intuitive faculties grow.  We become more sensitive, more aware, more switched on, more in tune, more centered,  and more connected to our Divine guidance!

I believe it is all about our Divine guidance.  Many of us just have not been taught or trained to think this way; to trust our Intuition; to believe our Intuition--or to walk an Intuitive way of life.  It is my personal understanding and belief that this is the only way to live;  that our mind is simply an avenue of awareness--an instrument of awareness. 

This is a radical departure from the common status quo perspective of how we should use our minds and our mental faculties.  People who have the ability and training to use their mental/mind faculties faster than most are often paid large sums of money to sit at the head of corporate boards to make important decisions.  But I'm here to tell you that they are receiving their fundamental inspirations, creative ideas, and guidance from their Intuitive faculties!  Regardless of whether they accept, recognize, realize, or believe this or not:  Intuition is the source of their resultant creativity and innovation. 

Let us all endeavor to find our intuition; to listen, to trust, to exercise, to grow, to increase our intuitive faculties.

Doing this will only lead to a higher quality of life; to more joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment.  It will assist us to lead a life with less conflict and frustration; supporting our way forward in alignment with our hearts, dreams and desires.

It is my hope that you will be inspired to listen;  to switch on and use your intuition as much as possible in all of your daily life decisions, large and small.  When people experience times of difficulty or challenge, they often, at those moments, try to go within, to pray; to  listen for needed answers. Imagine if we were more practiced in listening to and using our Intuition daily, in a natural, normal way of how we function?  During those times of great challenges, when we are called upon to make difficult decisions for ourselves or others’ well-being, how beneficial would it be to be more in tune with our Intuition; to feel our way through to the correct decisions about how to proceed forward?

This is also what is happening when people are getting to know each other at the outset of a new, meaningful relationship of Love. People's Intuitions are switched on; listening as best they can; trying to feel their way through to a deeper understanding of each other.  Sometimes, at times like these, our emotions overwhelm our Intuition. Sometimes our fear overwhelms our ability to hear what our Intuition is telling us. Sometimes we choose, at times like these,  to just switch our Intuition off,  and just not listen.

It is for these reasons, among others, that the services available on my website are there for you. As a way to  double-check your own Intuitive feelings about a relationship; for verification. When your heart is on the line it's okay to ask for help and support from outside of yourself; from the spiritual world; as a way to verify your own Intuitive feelings about your prospective or existing partner. I recommend that you check out and avail yourself of the incredible support services offered on my website.

Thank you for letting me share with you about Intuition. Please consider and contemplate these ideas, which might be new to you, with an open mind and an open heart.  “Ask and you shall receive”.   I urge you to ask your own Intuition for verification about what has been said here! 

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Gabriella Kirkley

I appreciate these words: “our intuition has been created as a kind of pathway, conduit, or pipeline for information, understanding, truth, beauty, goodness, and love to flow inter-dimensionally between our Heaven Support Team and our Soul/spiritual body. From there it gets translated through the use of our mental faculties to then become cognizant to our awareness.” My former supervisor at a well-known university was the kind of person who could pick up so much of a person’s meaning after merely a few sentences of explanation. I don’t know where she derived her understanding, because words, gestures, feelings, intonation, don’t seem like the full picture… there was always an extra insight/something she picked up through simple conversation about the matter at hand. I had the occasion to sit with her in many different meetings and marveled at her ability to know and understand so much more than what was conveyed through words. She was a born leader because of this one superpower. How does one cultivate intuition?

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