Integrity, the first of our relationship-centered characteristics.

By Mark Allen Goodman
Greetings brothers and sisters, friends and family!

This post begins a series of posts which explain and expand upon the deeper meaning of the 14 Relationship-Centered Characteristics contained on our Soul2Soul Spiritual Matchmaking site. I'm going to write about each characteristic in the order they appear on the site.

So let's begin with number one on the list: INTEGRITY

The 14 characteristics in Soul2Soul were gifted to me by my Heaven Team to support anyone who is interested to have a sharpened and more beneficial understanding of themselves.

Of course there are many aspects to our internal character, to our inner selves, to our inner consciousness.
But I wanted the focus to be on what I believe to be the essential characteristics that are mostly concerned with the building and creating of true love relationships. My last post spoke of having the courage to look within, and to begin the process of knowing yourself internally more deeply.

The concept of Integrity, I believe, speaks to our original inner nature. Our true selves. Who we really are in our deepest innermost self.
As you begin the adventure of looking within yourself, the deeper you go, the more you'll see that you are indeed a created being. And the deeper you look, you will see that you are actually a reflection of the same true nature of this Creator!

As you look within yourself, you will find that your true inner nature contains aspects of truth, beauty, goodness, purity, sincerity, honesty, innocence, peace, tranquility, freedom, acceptance, understanding, and also a magical substance called Love!

I believe most of us began life as newborns with an open heart. As we grew, learning to connect and create relationships with others, (with those of varying levels of maturity and consciousness) along the way, some of us got hurt. Sometimes some of us were even damaged. Sometimes we had experiences that would cause us to close off or shut down our hearts. Sometimes on our journey we were exposed to misunderstandings, false teachings, incorrect belief systems, or concepts that affected our ability to see, think, and feel clearly.

Without delving too much into our past challenges in life, Integrity, in my opinion, is a choice to return to being who we really are.
If you look within yourself, you will see that what is there is really something that is quite beautiful. Quite unique. Quite special in its own way. It is the “real” you. The true you.

It requires a very courageous and conscious choice to choose to be who you really are!
In my opinion, the deepest form of being in Integrity is to let the true beauty of who you really are shine for all the world to see.
Integrity is about being “real” in this modern world of external form, effect, and materialistic consciousness.

It takes great effort and determination to push through all those worldly concepts to be who you really are -- and to show your true self freely to the world around you. To be vulnerable! This allows you to be seen for who you actually are. This is being in Integrity. Only when you are willing to be completely in Integrity will others be able to see who you really are. And that will enable them to more fully engage with you as you really are.

How can we create true, deep relationships of Love if we are not willing to be open? Or be real? Or be authentic? Or be honest?
And so by making the choice to use the tools provided to you by Soul2Soul, you will be able to understand more deeply from Heaven's point of view what “they” see about your current level of Integrity. And also what they see regarding your partner or potential partner’s level of Integrity. This is incredibly helpful.

The information given by Spirit is never judgmental. It is given only to provide a priceless understanding to facilitate and support your ongoing personal spiritual growth. And to advise you on how to create a true, deep, meaningful, and enduring relationship of Love.

So I invite and en-courage you to “walk the walk” --not just “talk the talk” -- to ask Heaven about knowing more about yourself, and also asking to know more about a current or potential relationship. Ask Heaven what they see.

I challenge you to embark on a life that is lived and enjoyed as the great grand adventure it is meant to be!

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Love your take on integrity—letting the true beauty of who we are shine thru! Well said.

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