By Mark Allen Goodman

Let us today speak about Ideological Openness, the sixth relationship characteristic insight offered by our website

Ideological Openness is not about what you believe. It is about your receptivity and flexibility to consider other possible viewpoints. It speaks about your own personal internal character; the clarity and stability of your own knowingness of who you really are.

If you really understand and know deeply that you are a created being, and therefore everyone else is a created being, and that therefore we are all already One, then it follows that you have no need to be hard, rigid, or stubborn with your viewpoints on what is right, what is wrong, what is good, or what is bad.

The Creator has made a world of such incredible variety and diversity. There are so many amazing facets of nature to explore; there are so many facets of human endeavor to undertake. The Creator is working through all of us; we are all different. Each one of us are uniquely individualized Created beings. We come from many different cultures, from different countries. We come from different lines of DNA. But the fundamental point to remember and understand about all this is: in our deepest innermost nature, we all have our source and our beginning from the Creator of All That Is.

The more comfortable you are with accepting that this is the reality of your being, the more comfortable and open you can be in discussing, sharing, and learning about other points of view.

I would like to say that lack of openness with differing cultures, ideas, concepts, and beliefs really represents a form of uncertainty; a lack of clarity and insecurity within oneself.

This might be hard to hear. This might be hard to accept or digest. To come to an honest knowing about this within yourself, in my opinion, is found through prayer, meditation and contemplation.

We are all constantly learning and growing. There is an infinite amount of creativity available to each and everyone of us. How marvelous to be in a place of openness, flexibility, and receptivity to new and different ideas, concepts and beliefs. Again, if we truly know who we are, we will not be threatened by new thoughts or concepts. We can carefully consider them and decide whether to integrate, accept or reject them.

Ideological Openness really is a measure of knowing who we really are and clearly knowing our relationship to everyone and everything else. The clearer we are about these matters within ourselves, the easier it is to be free to consider others’ concepts and beliefs.

I'm not asking you to accept falsehoods just to be nice to someone else. From a place of compassion, love, understanding, and acceptance- out of knowing that we all are truly already One- on that foundation, the ability to create harmony and peace to consider all points of view comes our way.

It is the gift of our Free Will that allows us as unique individuals to decide how to conduct our Life Journey. It is our Divine right to decide how to use our life force and energies in our ongoing creative endeavours here in the Earth School.

I encourage you to take the time for contemplation- in an attitude of prayer and meditation- and reflect upon who you really are. In that place, a confidence and a knowingness will grow that will allow you to be much more open and flexible to every form of thought, idea, and concept that is out there; to be more at peace within yourself, and for a new level of acceptance of where other people are at in their own ideas and beliefs.

This is a recipe for Peace. This is a recipe for Harmony.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you about these matters.

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