How to Look Within

By Mark Allen Goodman

Greetings brothers and sisters, friends and family! 

My last blog post spoke of having the courage to look within, and to begin the process of “knowing yourself” internally more deeply.  Since that last post I have received inquiries asking me how to “Look Within”.  I realize there are numerous books and teachings that are readily available on this topic.  So I thought the best way to write about this would be to explain a bit of my own process of how I “look within”.

Initially it was a challenge for me to look within.  Finding my own way, through experimentation, trial and error, I came to a place of deeper and deeper awareness.  Many answers to my life’s most pressing questions were given to me in that “place”.  This practice became a big part of my own journey to “know myself”.

I would like to share with you 5 main suggestions that have helped me:

     Begin by creating an environment where you will not be disturbed.

WHY do I need a quiet place?

To limit distractions. 

Looking within is fundamentally a multi-dimensional activity; a spiritual activity. 

It is not an intellectual or mental activity.  

  • Approach this activity with the intention to give it your full undivided attention.
  • Remove any temptations to multi-task.  

  1. TIME

     Set aside a special time to go within, while in your peaceful place.

WHEN do I find the time?

I recommend doing this as a way to begin your day upon waking and/or to end your day just before sleep. 

  • I suggest  spending only around 10 to 20 minutes on this at a time.  
  • Try integrating this practice into your daily schedule. 
  • Allow time to let this practice become a welcome and fulfilling routine in your everyday life. 


HOW do I do this?

  • Make yourself comfortable in your new environment, preferably by sitting and not lying down.  
  • Close your eyes, relax, and begin to focus. You are connecting to the deeper dimension of yourself.
  • Let your thoughts flow through you, and give no attention to them.
  • You will begin to recognize a difference between random thoughts running around in your mind, and the deeper dimension, that innermost spiritual place that you are seeking to connect with. 

      I believe, fundamentally, that the practice of going within is about listening

WHAT am I listening for?

  • Be still.  Listen and feel your way through to your inner intuitive self.
  •  Listening beyond intellect and mind to hear what has been called the still small voice.

     Making a decision to be open

WHERE does this lead?

  • Find that “place” within that is your innermost self; the place of your innermost heart.
  • Wait for an inner, non-mental, feeling to begin to form; an intuitive, heartfelt prompting.  
  • Know and trust that something will be revealed to you, no matter how small.  
  • You might hear it.  You might feel it.   Eventually you will recognize it.  When you find it, trust it, and listen.
  • Don't worry if this does not happen immediately.  It may take repeated efforts to find this exceptional place within, but you’ll find it!  It’s there within each one of us.
  • As you engage in this practice, your ability to go within will come more fully, easily, and quickly. Your confidence will increase.  You will expand your ability to go to a deeper place of peace within.  It will become your own personal journey of knowingness.
  • Be patient with yourself!  

Whatever challenges you encounter on this journey upon reaching that “place” within, even if only for a brief moment, you will discover, as I did, a place of deep peace that goes beyond understanding.  A warm, embracing place of unconditional, non-judgemental love.  A place of discovery: your true identity. A discovery of Oneness with everyone and everything. A discovery of your own divinity.  It is my hope that you will ultimately come to a place of conscious union with God; A realized oneness with the Source of all that is. That is the place of actual healing and transformation.

To further support your inner journey, may I suggest the use of the tools provided for you by my website.  The services offered there will help you to understand more deeply from Heaven's point of view what “they” see about your current level of spiritual growth, and also what they see regarding your partner or potential partner’s level as well.  The information given by Spirit is never judgmental; its purpose is to provide a priceless understanding to facilitate and support you on how to create a true, deep, meaningful, and enduring relationship of love.

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