Fidelity, the second relationship-entered characteristic

By Mark Allen Goodman

This continues a series of 14 posts to explain and expand upon the deeper meaning of the 14 Relationship-Centered Characteristics.

Number two on the list is:  FIDELITY

The 14 characteristics in Soul2Soul were “received” and gifted to me by my Heaven Team to support those who wish to have a sharpened and more beneficial understanding of themselves and their partner (or potential partner).  I wanted to focus on what I believe to be the essential characteristics that are concerned with the building and creating of true love relationships.

One of my recent posts spoke of having the courage to look within, and to begin the process of knowing yourself internally more deeply.  I also wrote about how to look within.

As you begin the adventure of looking within, the deeper you go, the more you'll see that you are indeed a created being.  And the deeper you look, you will see that you are actually a reflection of the same true nature of this Creator!  As you look within yourself, you will find that your true inner nature contains aspects of the Creator, such as truth, beauty, goodness, purity, sincerity, honesty, innocence, peace, tranquility, compassion, devotion, non-judgement, and also a magical substance called Love! 

Fidelity, in my opinion, is a personal choice to remain true to making a promise.  A promise to honor your divine self, and that of your partner.  It is a promise to remain constant, steadfast, devoted, and trustworthy.  It is a choice to also revere others outside of your committed relationship.

Let's be honest. Most of the oldest cultures in the world have understood the importance of commitment in a relationship.  They knew this would be of great benefit to the welfare and harmony of their respective societies. This is something that's not as clear in our current modern Western Society.

What we are talking about here is faithfulness; being faithful to your partner - especially in matters of sexuality.

We are sexual beings.  We are created that way.  Making a personal decision to create a sacred bond of Fidelity with your partner is an essential free will agreement to create a meaningful and enduring true love relationship. It is a decision on how you will conduct yourself sexually.  It is  a promise to remain true, to be totally exclusive with your partner. Fidelity speaks directly to this very personal decision. 

I'm going to step out on a limb here and offer my opinion:  A committed relationship is what allows the creation of “one heart/one soul”; a deep unity of oneness. It allows for two people to become one. The foundation of this commitment is a promise to remain faithful; to remain in Fidelity. In this way, a relationship that is truly meaningful, fulfilling, and enduring can be created. Over time, in the realm of trust and commitment, one's heart can open which allows for the bond of love to grow and deepen. I think this is the true fulfillment that everyone seeks in a relationship. I believe a choice to be in Fidelity creates the fertile soil for true love to grow and expand. It is an essential decision to make if you seek a relationship that's meaningful and enduring. How can we create actual relationships of true Love if we are not willing to be faithful to ourselves and our partner?

This is not a moral or religious pontification. This is a far-reaching, historical, and global observation of the nature of real life.

The tools in are offered to support and enable you to understand, from Heaven's point of view, what “they” see about your current level of Fidelity, as well as what they see regarding your partner or potential partner’s level of Fidelity.  The information given by Spirit is never judgmental. It is given only to provide priceless information to facilitate and support your ongoing personal spiritual growth and to advise you on how to create a true, deep, meaningful, and enduring relationship of Love. 

So I invite you to ask Heaven what they see.

Live life as the great grand adventure it is meant to be!!

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