Verax - The Veracity Index

Verax - The Veracity Index

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About this service
Verax is a Veracity Index. Veracity is derived from the Latin word true or truthful. It means being honest and speaking the truth. It's the basis of a relationship of trust between two partners. Veracity refers to one's authenticity, honesty, and sincerity.

To achieve a meaningful and enduring relationship with your partner, trust is paramount. However, trusting your heart to another inherently comes with risk;

  • How do you know for sure that your partner is being truthful?
  • Has your partner represented themselves accurately to you?
  • If your partner has made a commitment to you, are they sincere?

Most people use their intuition to assist them ascertain the overall integrity of their potential partner. But what if your intuition is not as developed or as accurate as you would want it to be? How important is for you to get confirmation that your intuition is correct?

Now you can find out!

Verax is a number between 0 and 100 given by Spirit. Without judgement, it is simply Heaven’s viewpoint regarding the truthfulness and honesty of your partner, as it applies to communication in their relationship with you.

What you get:

  • A document containing your partner's Verax number and an explanation of what it means.

See a sample report

Why would I buy this Service?
Maybe you want to get engaged to the person of your dreams, but they don’t seem as excited as you are?

Perhaps you want to know if your husband has been truthful to you throughout your marriage?

Your new partner seems very sincere and everything is going great, but you have a nagging doubt about them; are they in this relationship for the right reasons?

A Verax report will give you the insight you need to support your decision to move forward with confidence in a relationship.